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We believe the best way to understand what it’s like to be an Optometrist affiliated with National Vision, is to hear directly from someone who lives it each day. We’re proud to have so many doctor partners who have been featured in various publications and who share their passion for the profession through written pieces on their personal experiences and perspectives. We hope the articles below are of interest to you and provide insight into what it means to be a National Vision affiliated optometrist.


Women In Optometry

December 2016: Reaching out to Boys and Girls – Literally

November 2016: OD Helps Others Find the Career Satisfaction She Found in a Corporate Practice

October 2016: Juggling Schedules x 21

July 2016: Support at Work Made Early Delivery and Recovery Sole Focus

June 2016: The Value of Mentorship on the Job

June 2016: Color Contact Lens Options Can Make Patient Visits More Memorable

May 2016: Ways to Prevent Lapses in Patient Eye Care

May 2016: Fresh Perspective Brings New Energy and Efficiency


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Women in Optometry


2.9.17: Flexibility, Growth, Support - Being an Optometrist at National Vision 

1.17.17: The Average Workday as a Corporate Optometrist

10.17.16: The First 90 Days at America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses


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Affiliated Optometrist Blogs

1.3.17: Working Together – Specialization and Primary Care by Paul Klenklen, OD

12.9.16: Is Optometry the Right Choice? 3 Part Series by Michael Hay, OD

12.2.16: The Time Warp: Where I enjoy spending my time as an OD by Laurie Lesser, OD

11.25.16: NBEO Part 1 Optometry Boards - A Different Perspective by Sam Flori, OD

11.3.16: What Standard of Care Means to Me by Douglas Dailey, OD

10.18.16: Pearls of Wisdom for New Optometry Grads by Megan Ebel, OD

10.15.16: My Journey to NVI: Advice to Future ODs by Marian Longo, OD

9.19.16: The Importance of Patient Education by Paul Klenklen, OD

9.19.16: Young Professionals: How to Navigate the Waters of Uncertainty by David Bechtel, OD

8.25.16: The Importance of Giving Back by Alan Roth, OD

8.7.16: Back to School Eye Exams Can Change Lives by Laurie Lesser, OD

7.28.16: Standard of Care – Corporate Optometry by Sam Flori, OD

7.9.16: The Breakthrough Experience: Why I Became an OD by Marian Longo, OD

6.16.16: What ‘Eye’ Thought I Knew by Douglas Dailey, OD

5.26.16: Four Interview Tips for New O.D. Graduates by Megan Ebel, OD

5.19.16: My Most Memorable Patient Experience at America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses by Jennifer Redfern, OD

5.16.16: Corporate Optometry with a Private Practice Feel by Marian L. Longo, OD

5.6.16: Becoming an Optometrist – I Always Knew... by Sam Flori, OD

5.3.16: Interview Tips for Recent (and Soon-to-Be) Graduates by David Myles Bechtel, OD MPH MBA

4.29.16: No Individual is Ever as Smart as a Group by Pamela Riedy, OD, MBA, MA

4.14.16: The Expanding Scope of Optometry by Ayaz Khan, OD

3.16.16: Mentorship: National Vision Programs Help New Docs to Succeed by Megan Ebel, OD

3.3.16: Why Optometry? by Douglas Dailey, OD

2.22.16: Building Patient Relationships by Michael Hay, OD

2.11.16: You Have The Responsibility To Do What's Right by Alan Roth, OD

2.7.16: Specialization vs. Primary Care: They’re Not So Separate After All by Marian Longo, OD

1.30.16: Corporate Optometry Eye Openers by Pamela Riedy, OD, MBA, MA

1.23.16: Why I Became an Optometrist by Laurie Lesser, OD

1.19.16: Tips for the New Year… from a recent graduate by David Myles Bechtel, OD MPH MBA

1.19.16: Advice for the New Year – to Future Optometrists by Sam Flori, OD

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